The BBC has a nice bit up looking at the various appearances Alan Turing has made in fictional texts.

“If Alan Turing had not existed, would we have had to invent him? The question seems to answer itself: Alan Turing very much did exist, and yet we have persisted in inventing him still.Of all the roles Turing played during his all-too-brief life, there is one he played only after his all-too-early death – that of fictional character.

Since Turing’s suicide in 1954, his legend has been the inspiration for plays, novels, and films, in addition to a half-dozen biographies. Andrew Hodges’ late 1970s and early 1980s research into Turing’s life, and the top secret work he did at Bletchley Park, burst open a groundswell of interest in a man whose story seems almost too tragic, and too poignant, to be true…An innocent and a consummate outsider, Turing saw neither the sexual strictures of his time nor its mathematical ones as being particularly sound. His disregard of one made him a hero, the other a criminal.”