Wired has a great feature article on the work of Phil Tippett. Tippett was the effects guru responsible for much of the original Star Wars trilogy (you can thank him for giving the world AT-ATs), as well as the original Jurassic Park film (for which he won an Oscar). Tippett has been working for a number of years on a project that loobks absolutely amazing and is doing a funding drive on Kickstarter to raise funds to complete it. He’s calling it Mad God and it looks absolutely disturbing in the best possible sense of that word. I highly recommend reading the article and then checking out the Kickstarter page where you can see some sample shots that he and his team have put together. It’s the creepiest looking stop-motion SF I’ve seen in a long while. I really hope this project sees the light of day.

“Tippett has been funding the film himself with some of the money he’s raised selling his “junk.” He doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone else and is pretty certain no studio would ever want the film. (Or, in his words, “Oh, hell no.”) Ultimately, he’d like to spend 18 months with his rag-tag group of Tippett filmmakers completing a 12-minute chapter of Mad God to distribute to his Kickstarter benefactors.

When the prospect of using Kickstarter to fund Mad God comes up in conversation — it reached its$40,000 goal Tuesday, with weeks left to raise even more — the look of a smart-ass creature creator comes back over Tippett’s face. It’s easy to see the guy who built monsters in his garage and found a way to make a career out of his creative tinkering.

“It’s the perfect scam for a crook,” he said, a slight smile filling his bearded face. “All filmmakers are pirates anyway — it’s in the blood.””

Kickstarter page:

Bonus XKCD cartoon on crowdsourcing: