“The Marconi company, the Edwardian equivalent of a top technology brand, had put its wireless operators on board some of the more prestigious ships.

The Titanic, as the showcase of an ambitious, optimistic era, had the biggest and best wireless equipment in the world.

It was still something of a novelty and much of the initial wireless traffic was from first class passengers sending messages to their friends, rather like text messages showing off about a glamourous trip.”

Guglielmo Marconi at work in the wireless room of his yacht Electra
Italian electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi’s equipment was on board many prestigious ships

“Hello Boy. Dining with you tonight in spirit, heart with you always. Best love, Girl,” read one message sent on to New York, the Titanic’s intended destination.

A message sent on to Los Angeles said: “No sickness. All well. Notify all interested in poker.”

“Fine voyage, fine ship,” wrote another, unaware of the awful irony of how that might later sound.”