One of my dissertation’s areas of interest is the relationship between aesthetics and science.  For the last decade or so, there has been an annual contest called The Art of Science.  Below is a link to this year’s winning images, in case you’ve never seen them before.  I don’t think this year’s winners are as strong as some previous years, but it’s still a wonderful example that illustrates the convergence between science and aesthetics.  The erroneous belief in the incompatibility of art and science is a theme that will recur on this blog, and, as time goes by, I will provide many more instances of how art and science are more dynamically intertwined than is commonly assumed.

This year’s winning image (from the Princeton site): “A picture of a Hall-effect thruster (plasma accelerator) plume. The Hall thruster, is an electric propulsion technology that uses magnetic and electric fields to ionize and accelerate propellant. In this image the plasma accelerator is operating on xenon propellant.”